Apple Scab

Question: We moved into a condo about a year ago. Last summer we noticed the crabapple tree near our unit lost most of its leaves in late summer. Is there something we can spray on the tree to prevent leaf loss? A group of trees in the commons area are covered with lumpy black growths. What are the growths and can the trees be saved? A.E.


Lawn Voles & Reseeding and Use of Corn Gluten

March 26, 2015 – Kenosha News Question: Either mice or moles really did a job on my lawn this winter.  There are trails all over the place where the grass has been eaten down to the dirt.  I just finished raking all of the dead grass up.  I have grass seed which has the fertilizer […]

raised garden with plants

Vegetable Garden Beginner

Question: I’m planning on putting in a new 20 x 40 foot vegetable garden this spring. I’ve never gardened so don’t know very much about what I’m doing. I have nice large spot in my backyard with full sunlight, on a gentle slope. I’m planning on getting compost from the municipal compost site and tilling it in this spring. If the gardening goes well this year, I plan to put a raised bed garden on the same spot in a couple of years. Are there good books or websites you recommend? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. F.M.


Spring Yard Clean-Up

Question: It looks like the weather is finally warming up and I can’t wait to be outside. What can I do in my garden and yard? A.P.


Cold Frames

Question: I’m so tired of winter and can’t wait to start gardening. I’ve thinking about buying a cold frame to grow lettuce this spring. Do you think it is worth purchasing and what can I grow in a cold frame? E.L.

box elder bug

Box Elder Bugs

Question: I have a problem with a tree by the street in front of my house. In summer the tree is full of bugs. Some of the bugs are red and some are black with orange-red. I’ve sent photos so you can see how the bugs covered the tree trunk late last summer. What can I do? Should I cut the tree down? N. A.


Growing Lavender

Question: I love lavender and would like to grow it in my garden. I’ve heard many types of lavender won’t grow here. Do you have suggestions on which lavender would be best for Kenosha? I’d like to try growing it from seed. J.H.

Emerald ash borer

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Question: The February 5th Kenosha News had an article about treating ash trees for emerald ash borer for people who live in Pleasant Prairie. I don’t live in Kenosha County but not in Pleasant Prairie. Do you have suggestions on how I can treat my ash trees? N.R.