Three ways to overwinter geraniums

Question: Are there instructions for overwintering large geraniums plants. A friend told me to put the plant in a paper bag and hang them in the utility room.  Anything more scientific than that? M.K.

Poinsettia blossom

Getting poinsettias, cactuses to bloom

Question: I saved my poinsettia from last Christmas by moving it outdoors for the summer. This fall I brought it inside before the weather got cold. What should I do to get the poinsettia to bloom again? What about Christmas cactus? E.R.

Bee balm

Growing bee balm from seed

Question: While attending a backyard event at a friends this summer, I admired a beautiful patch of red blooms. I was not familiar with these flowers and commented on their beauty to my friend. She told me they were bee balm and hers had self-seeded. Several weeks later she dropped off a container of the spent blooms. If you could advise when and how I should plant I would be grateful. I have no idea what to do with these shriveled red flower heads. Thanks for any help you might be able to send my way.

Black walnuts

Harvesting black walnuts

Question: I have several large trees in my yard that are dropping green balls. The balls are 2 to 3 inch across and leave dark stains on the driveway. Are these walnuts and can we eat them? S.B.


Seeding, fertilizing lawns

Question: I just moved to Pleasant Prairie and was going to over seed my lawn.  I wasn’t sure what type of grass I have, and my brother-in-law suggested that I reach out to the UW-Extension for assistance. I have attached a few pictures.  I was leaning toward thinking it is mostly Kentucky bluegrass, although I have read that it is getting late in the season for that type of seed if I wanted to over seed.  Is someone at Extension able to identify my primary type of grass from the pictures attached? A.L.


Method for pruning raspberries depends on the variety

Question: We have many kinds of raspberries. Last fall we cut all the plants down to the ground. The plants grew back and a few produced fruit in late summer but some plants didn’t have any berries. I think we pruned them wrong. What is the right way to prune raspberries? S.C.

Late blight on leaf

Tomatoes plagued by late blight

Question: I’ve grown tomatoes for sixty years but my plants have a disease I’ve never seen before. The top leaves get pale green spots. Shortly after the leaves turn brown, wilt and die. The fruits are also affected. The plants are dying from the top down. This is not the typical leaf spots tomatoes sometimes get. Do you know what is going on with my tomatoes? N.H.