Vermicompost Bin


Question: My garden and compost pile are at a community garden and not in my back yard. This time of year it breaks my heart to throw away vegetable peelings and coffee grounds instead of putting them in the compost. (I can’t easily get to the compost pile this time of year.) Do you have any suggestions? M.S.

Whiteflies, Fungus gnats

Houseplant pests

Question: I read your column in December about aphids and other insects on houseplants. It didn’t mention anything about gnats in the dirt and on the leaves which are the problem in my houseplants. I read online about whiteflies. Do you think my plants are infested with whiteflies or is it a different insect? What can I do to can get rid of them? F.H.

Holly branch

Holly & Mistletoe Lore

Question: I am enjoying a Victorian advent calendar that informationally states that the holly wreath could only be carried into the house by a male, since the berries appear only on male plants. I thought this has to be a gross error. So is it the female holly that has the berries or some unusual plant physiology that put berries on the male? M.P.

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Wait for cold before mulching strawberries

Question: I normally cover my strawberries with mulch after the ground starts to freeze. But the weather has been so warm I don’t know what to do this year. Should I still put straw over the plants? Should I wait? P.S.

Spider mites on houseplant

Houseplant Insects

Question: I brought my plants indoors in early October before we had frost. A couple of plants don’t look good. I think they may have bugs. What should I do? A.R.

Fir tree branch

Choosing and caring for your Christmas tree

Early December brings fond memories of family expeditions to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. My daughters are now adults with families of their own but they continue the tradition. You can select and cut down your own tree or choose from a variety of precut trees at local Christmas tree farms.


Wintering chrysanthemums

Question: This fall I brought several mums on sale at a local garden center. I left them in their pots on my deck. They bloomed beautifully but now I’m wondering if I can keep them for next year. They were labeled as hardy. Should I plant them in the ground or can I keep them in the garage? Do I pinch back, cut off the dried blooms or trim to the ground? Perhaps I should just toss them and start over next year. Is it too late to save these beautiful plants? – K.B. and E.M.