Apple Scab

Question: We moved into a condo about a year ago. Last summer we noticed the crabapple tree near our unit lost most of its leaves in late summer. Is there something we can spray on the tree to prevent leaf loss? A group of trees in the commons area are covered with lumpy black growths. What are the growths and can the trees be saved? A.E.


Weeds in Strawberries & Clover Mites

Question: My strawberry patch is inundated with weeds like crabgrass and quackgrass. I’d like to know what to do? Should I use an herbicide? K.B. Answer: It is easier to prevent weeds, or get rid of small seedlings, than to deal with large well-established weeds. This is especially true with perennial plants like strawberries, raspberries, […]

Black Knot Fungus

Black Knot

  Question: We have a beautiful ornamental cherry tree in the yard. It is so pretty in spring when leaves come out dark red before they change to green.  Not long after we brought to the tree, we noticed big ugly dark lumps on the stems. The nursery gave us something to spray on the […]


Plum Fruit Drop

Question: How can I prevent plums from falling off the trees before they are ripe and ready to pick? The past couple of years the tree has been loaded with fruit but almost all the plums fell off in June. The plums look perfect. The trees are Santa Rosa plums and three to four years […]