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Whiteflies on Houseplants

Question: Before the weather got cold I moved several potted plants from the patio to the indoors for the winter. I’ve not had problems when I’ve brought plants inside in the past but this year several of the plants have bugs. The bugs are very tiny and light colored. Whenever I touch or bump one of the plants, lots of bugs fly up from the plant. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do? K.C.


Fall Vegetable Planting

Question: Can I still plant vegetables in my garden? J.W. Answer: Mid-September is late for planting most vegetables but you might be able to successfully grow leafy greens and similar frost tolerant crops.  Choose varieties with a seed to harvest interval of 45 to 50 days or less. Some crops, like leaf lettuce, can be […]

necrotic ring spot on grass

Lawn Necrotic Ring Spot

Question: I am hoping you are the correct person to contact with my lawn problem.  I have Necrotic Ring Spot on my lawn.  I am looking for advice of handling this disease. Any information would greatly be appreciated. B.T. Answer: On the same day I received your email the Kenosha County UW-Extension horticulture helpdesk master gardeners […]

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Discover the Resources

Discover The Resources We invite you to… Discover the Resources of Kenosha County UW-Extension! We are your resource to: environmental questions lawn and garden questions connect consumers to farmers strategic planning nutrition and food safety community gardens in your neighborhood leadership programs for youth and adults program development and evaluation  


Nutrition News

 Summer is a great time for parties with friends and family!  Here are some great tips for staying healthy and active this summer!  Create Healthy, Active Celebrations:  Easy Ways To Eat Smart and Play Hard with Friends and Family


2012-13 Youth In Governance Class

The purpose of the Youth In Governance program is to create a model of youth empowerment within Kenosha County, through direct participation in local government, and community service.  The overall goal is to bring the youth voice to community issues and concerns while fostering the development of confident, independent, and motivated youth leaders. The 2012-13 […]