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Article by Terri Ward, FoodWIse Educator, Kenosha/Racine CountiesOriginally published in the Kenosha News As I wrap up year-end reporting for the FoodWIse program, I’ve noticed an awesome trend from last school year I just have to share. Our program teaches nutrition and evaluates the results in many schools in Kenosha County, and we have seen exceptional […]


Eating Well When Eating Alone

Wisconsin had nearly 645,000 single-person households as of the 2010 Census. That’s a significant number of people who may regularly cook and eat meals on their own.

If you’re cooking for yourself, you may not want to spend much time preparing a meal, says Susan Nitzke, UW-Extension specialist and Professor Emerita in nutritional sciences at the UW-Madison. “But by following a few basic tips, you don’t need to sacrifice good nutrition for speed and convenience when you’re making a meal for yourself.”


Take a family approach to healthy eating and physical activity

Research shows that family members’ health and well-being is affected by the environment in the home. That’s why taking a family approach to healthy eating and physical activity can be beneficial, says Gayle Coleman, nutrition education program specialist with the University of Wisconsin-Extension.

brown rice

Brown rice has nutritional edge over white

Rice is enjoyed as part of traditional cuisines around the world and is a staple food in many Asian countries. White rice is chosen more often than brown rice, but that’s a choice that would benefit from change, says Susan Nitzke, Cooperative Extension nutrition specialist and Professor Emerita at the UW-Madison.

My Food Plate from USDA

My Food Plate

Where did the food pyramid go?
It turned into a plate, to make it a more realistic guide to healthy eating.


Nutrition News

 Summer is a great time for parties with friends and family!  Here are some great tips for staying healthy and active this summer!  Create Healthy, Active Celebrations:  Easy Ways To Eat Smart and Play Hard with Friends and Family   http://www.fns.usda.gov/eatsmartplayhardhealthylifestyle/QuickandEasy/celebrations.pdf

Refrigerator with food in it

Food Safety When the Power Goes Out

The Power is Off:  Is the Food Still Safe? If the power goes off in your home due to a winter storm or an unexpected summertime power outage, it may be difficult to determine whether the food in your refrigerator or freezer is safe to consume. This fact sheet will help you to decide whether […]


Fast Food Lesson

In the past month, two students between the ages of 10-17 yrs, have participated in the nutrition classes, conducted by Valerie Arnold, at the ACE program.  The Fast Food Lesson addressed how much fat that is in the foods that we choose at fast food restaurants and how to make healthier, low-fat food choices. The students […]


RKNEP Stories

Here are a few stories about the work we do: Cindi Armstrong, RKNEP Nutrition Educator, led a class on Whole Grains with the Zimmerman Group as part of a Healthy Eating series.  After a looking at grain food labels and discussing the benefits of eating whole grains, participants were asked, “After what you have learned […]