Agritourism: Have fun, be safe

Whether I was picking my weight in strawberries at the local U-Pick, exhibiting animals at the county fair, or capping off summer at the steam and gas engine show on the other end of the county, the highlights of my childhood summers involved some form agritourism.  As an adult, the ways in which I participate […]


UW-Extension: Neighborhoods crucial to creative economy

Article by Amy Greil, Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development Educator Here I go again talking about arts, culture and creativity. I cannot help myself because I am so proud that Kenosha’s first ever Creative Economy Strategic Plan has now been released to the public and outlines — finally — a common road map to […]


HarborMarket accepting SNAP for third year

Article by Terri Ward, FoodWIse Administrator, Kenosha and Racine CountiesKenosha News Article This season marks the third year Kenosha HarborMarket will accept the federal supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP), formerly knows as food stamps; and the second year of the successful dollar-matching program called “MarketMoola”, which provides up to $20 of matching funds to individuals […]

refrigerator full of food

What to Throw Out When the Power Goes Out

During power outages, food spoilage can be a serious problem when refrigerators and freezers lose power. Consumers can help avoid spoilage and foodborne illness in their homes by making sure foods stay properly refrigerated during a power outage.


Flood Resources

With the continued rain in southern Wisconsin, here are selected resources for dealing with flooding, power outages, and general disaster assistance from the UW-Extension Family Living Programs.


Eating Well When Eating Alone

Wisconsin had nearly 645,000 single-person households as of the 2010 Census. That’s a significant number of people who may regularly cook and eat meals on their own.

If you’re cooking for yourself, you may not want to spend much time preparing a meal, says Susan Nitzke, UW-Extension specialist and Professor Emerita in nutritional sciences at the UW-Madison. “But by following a few basic tips, you don’t need to sacrifice good nutrition for speed and convenience when you’re making a meal for yourself.”


Take a family approach to healthy eating and physical activity

Research shows that family members’ health and well-being is affected by the environment in the home. That’s why taking a family approach to healthy eating and physical activity can be beneficial, says Gayle Coleman, nutrition education program specialist with the University of Wisconsin-Extension.

brown rice

Brown rice has nutritional edge over white

Rice is enjoyed as part of traditional cuisines around the world and is a staple food in many Asian countries. White rice is chosen more often than brown rice, but that’s a choice that would benefit from change, says Susan Nitzke, Cooperative Extension nutrition specialist and Professor Emerita at the UW-Madison.


Keeping Canned Tomatoes Safe and Tasty

Tomato plants are beginning to yield, and with the new crop comes a new activity: home canning. But whether you’re canning whole tomatoes, homemade ketchup, pasta sauce or anything in between, adding acid to canned tomato products is a must, according to University of Wisconsin-Extension food safety specialist Barbara Ingham.