Tubakia leaf spot

Tubakia leaf spot considered a cosmetic disease

Article by Jeanne Hilinske-Christensen, Interim Horticulture Educator, Kenosha  and Racine counties Originally published in the Kenosha News. Question: I’ve noticed brown spots have developed on some of my oak tree leaves. The leaves didn’t have these spots earlier in the season. Is an insect or a disease causing this? What could this be? — N.C. Answer: […]


Sustainable Garden Tips

Article by Jeanne Hilinske-Christensen, Horticulture Educator, Kenosha and Racine Counties Originally published in the Kenosha News. Question:   I’m trying to be sustainable with my yard and allow non-grass plants to grow among the grass in my lawn.  Should I be eliminating the non-natives plants to reduce the risk of competing with the native types? Any tips on […]


It’s safest to discard produce from flooded garden

Article by Jeanne Hilinske-Christensen, UW-Extension Interim Horticulture Educator for Kenosha and Racine Counties. Submit plant care questions to the Master Gardeners Plant Health Advisors. Phone: 262-857-1942 or email:  master.gardeners@kenoshacounty.org Question:  What should I do with the produce in my garden now that the flood waters have subsided?  Is it still edible?   R. H. Consuming garden […]


Cover Crops

Kenosha News – August 4, 2016 Barb Larson, Horticulture Educator Question: My vegetable garden is quite a few years old. There were several problems in the garden early on so I harvested as much as I could. Instead of planting again, I’d like to try a cover crop. I’ve heard cover crops are a good […]


Lawn Drought

Kenosha News – July 21, 2016 Barb Larson, Horticulture Educator Question: A nice lawn is important to me. I don’t mind letting it turn brown but the grass is almost crispy and I don’t want it to die. Is there anything I should do to keep the lawn alive if it doesn’t rain? J.S. Answer: […]


Ants in Tree / Trunk Damage

Kenosha News – July 7, 2016 Barb Larson, Horticulture Educator Question: My problem is with ants in a maple tree in my yard. The trunk has a split and a “hole” and ants, I think carpenter ants, big black ones, are all over the tree. My wife is certain the ants will kill the tree and it […]


Mulching shrubs

Question: I read your June 2nd article about weed barriers in your vegetable garden. Can I do the same thing in an area that I have hydrangeas growing? Would I use the newspaper layer and the same options for on top of the newspaper? I love my hydrangeas but am constantly weeding around them all summer long, even though I hand pull I get new weeds all the time!

Bee and flowers

Managing pests

Question: How can I manage unwanted bugs in my garden without harming beneficial pollinators? – M. K.


Keeping weeds under control

Question: I’m a relatively new vegetable gardener. Last summer the weeds were so bad I thought about giving up. Do you have any suggestions on how to keep down the weeds in my garden? B.F.