Wisconsin Landscape Registry

December 31, 2015 – Kenosha News

Wisconsin residents wanting to receive notice of pesticides that will be applied to lawns, trees and shrubs in their neighborhood by professional lawn care and landscape companies must join the Wisconsin Landscape Registry before February 1, 2016. The registry is maintained by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

The Wisconsin Landscape Registry requires people on the registry be notified about professional pesticide applications. The registry only pertains to pesticide (e.g. herbicide, fungicide, insecticide) products used by businesses on lawns and landscape plants. Notification is not required when residents apply pesticides to plants on their own property and when farmers or other professionals use pesticides on agricultural crops.

There is no cost to be added to the registry, and a reason or explanation for joining the registry is not required. Information on the registry is not confidential. The registry is online and is open to commercial lawn and landscape maintenance businesses and commercial pesticide applicators, as well to the general public. The registry is subject to Open Records requests.

Advance notice means you will receive a phone, email or written message about an application that will take place. It does not prevent a pesticide application from being made. If you have concerns about pesticide use, you should nicely share your thoughts with your neighbor. Reasons given by members for joining the registry are to know when to keep children or pets indoors, to close their windows, or to choose to leave the area until the application is completed.

When you join the Wisconsin Landscape Registry, you must complete a form listing the addresses about which you want to be notified. The addresses must be on the block where you live or on immediately adjoining blocks.

Once on the registry, professional lawn and landscape companies are required to notify you at least twelve hours in advance when addresses you listed are to be treated with pesticides. Notification begins on March 15, 2016 and is valid for one year. To register go to DATCP Land Registry or google “Wisconsin landscape registry”.

Current registry participants should have received a renewal notice by email and must renew their listing by the February 1, 2016, deadline to be included in the 2016 registry. You can add or delete addresses from your notification list only from November 1 to February 1 each year.


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