Climate Change

North Central logoThe North Central Region Water Network has created a series of fact sheets titled Resources on Climate Change for Community Outreach Professionals.   The fact sheets provide annotated lists of educational materials for creating presentations or simply learning about climate change.

Five topics of interest to community outreach professionals include:

  • Ecosystem Management
  • Water Quality
  • Invasive Species
  • Land Use
  • Economic Development

The materials were developed in response to a regional climate education needs assessment, and include a list of core competencies for climate outreach education.

Each resource on the list is scientifically accurate, practical and easy to access. Most come from government agencies and all have been recommended by UW-Extension staff working in the Great Lakes region. The publications, annotated slides, videos, posters and webinars can be used as background information, stand-alone educational materials, or combined with other programs.

The annotated lists of resources were created with help from over 20 people from different agencies in the five Great Lakes states, including both Land Grant and Sea Grant Extension. UW-Madison, the Environmental Resources Center, and the North Central Region Water Network (formerly the Great Lakes Regional Water Program) collaborated on the project. More information about climate and the Great Lakes is available at

You can download the fact sheets using the links below:

For more information please contact:

Amy Greil photo Amy Greil
CNRED Educator
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