RKNEP Stories

Here are a few stories about the work we do:

  • Cindi Armstrong, RKNEP Nutrition Educator, led a class on Whole Grains with the Zimmerman Group as part of a Healthy Eating series.  After a looking at grain food labels and discussing the benefits of eating whole grains, participants were asked, “After what you have learned today, are you more likely to try to eat Whole Grains?”  Five out of six responded, YES. One participant stated they were, UNSURE.


  • A young mother in Kenosha, with two busy toddlers, stated that she is using information learned in the 8-week, Eating Smart Being Active classes to change some of her family’s eating patterns. She said she is adding more fruits to their daily meal and snack routines.  She also stated that she has replaced serving fruit drinks (i.e. Tang) with small amounts of 100% juice. After lesson #6, which covered how to use a meat thermometer, she has started checking temperatures when preparing meats.


  • With our Kinderchefs Program, we partner with the Boys and Girls Clubs in Kenosha to work with 3rd -5th graders in the afterschool program.   During the four classes, children learn basic cooking skills and food safety.  Some children have never prepared food using a recipe, nor have knife skills.  By the end of the class, children report that they have prepared the recipes with their families and that they are cooking more in their homes as a result of taking the classes.  Many children sign-up for the classes again, in the next school year.