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4-H is a youth organization that belongs to the members, their families and other interested adults who serve as volunteer leaders. In 4-H, young people share, grow, and learn together from various projects, events, and activities in informal situations under the guidance of their families and other leaders.  4-H is open to all youth from kindergarten through age 19.

 Kenosha County 4-H:

Kenosha County 4-H Key Contacts

4-H General Leaders – The 4-H general leader is an adult volunteer who coordinates local community based clubs.
4-H Project Team Chairs – The 4-H project team chair is an adult volunteer who provides leadership for countywide committees focused on a specific project area.
4-H Council Executive Board – The 4-H Council Executive Board consists of adult volunteers who provide leadership to the Kenosha County 4-H Council , Inc.

Kenosha County 4-H Enrollment Information

Kenosha County 4-H Clubs – Each 4-H member joins a local 4-H Community Club.  This document is a list of the 4-H clubs in Kenosha County and contact information.
Kenosha County 4-H Clubs Map – This is a map displaying the meeting location of the Kenosha County 4-H clubs.
UW-Extension Code of Conduct for Youth – This document explains what is expected of all Kenosha County 4-H members.  This is for informational purposes only and does not need to be submitted.
Program Guide – The Kenosha County 4-H Program Guide was created to give new and returning members and their families an overview of the Kenosha County 4-H program.  It also contains a listing of the projects available to 4-H members.
4-H Online Enrollment – Online enrollment for 4-H year begins in the middle of September.

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Kenosha County 4-H Forms for Members

4-H Member Record Form
Supplemental Record Form
Member Career Record Form
Clover Award Questions
Kenosha County 4-H Trips and Awards Application Packet

2016 4-H Scholarship Application 
(for members only)
Space Camp
COOL Form 
— For animals to be sold at Kenosha County Fair

2017 Base Camp Forms
Camp Letter
Base Camp Registration
Counselor Chaperone
Health Form (PDF)

Day Camp July 20th

Day Camp Registration

Day Camp Counselor Form

Kenosha County Fair Forms

Junior Entry Form

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Kenosha County 4-H Forms for Leaders

Volunteer Sign In – Kenosha Project
Volunteer Sign In – Event

4-H Online Project Leader User Guide
4-H Online Club Manager User Guide
Annual Charter Renewal Form (fillable pdf form)
4-H Council Expense Form
Care to Share Form
Attendance Record Form
Minutes of Club Meeting Form

Work Request Form
Friend of 4-H Alumni Nomination Form
Clover Award Form to Nominate Youth
Member Pin Request Form

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Kenosha County 4-H Countywide Projects

Countywide Project Team Chairpersons

Model Rocketry
Sewing and Quilting
Small Animals

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Kenosha County 4-H Council, Inc. 

Kenosha County 4-H Council Policy Handbook
Kenosha County 4-H By-Laws
Kenosha County 4-H-Council Schedule
Kenosha County 4-H Council Inc., Budget 2016-17
Kenosha County 4-H Council, Inc. – 4-H Council Expense Form
Kenosha County 4-H Council, Inc. – Grant Application
Kenosha County 4-H Hall of Fame Nomination Form
 (pdf format)
Kenosha County 4-H Council, Inc. – Accidental Insurance

Important 4-H Links

Wisconsin 4-H
National 4-H USA
National 4-H Supply
UW-Extension 4-H County Sites
Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development Policies

Federal Volunteer Protection Act 510

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If you have any additional questions, please contact the 4-H Program Assistant,

Bethany Kitzrow

Bethany Sorce
4-H Program Assistant
Kenosha County UW-Extension
19600 75th Street, #2
Bristol, WI  53104


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Kenosha County 4-H is a program of the University of Wisconsin-Extension. The University of Wisconsin Extension provides affirmative action and equal opportunity in education, programming and employment for all qualified persons regardless of race, color, gender/sex, creed, disability, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital or parental, arrest or conviction record or veteran status.