Informational Meeting on Implements of Husbandry (IOH) Law

Local town and village officials are invited to attend an educational meeting to discuss recently enacted Wisconsin legislation that updates state laws regarding farm machinery operating on Wisconsin roadways. The University of Wisconsin-Extension and Farm Bureau in Kenosha and Racine Counties are hosting this meeting on: Monday, November 10th 7:00 PM Kenosha County Center 19600 […]

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UW-Extension Farm Transition and Succession Planning Survey

Plan for the future of your farm or put it off and hope for the best—which will you choose? A comprehensive planning effort can lead to a greater sense of ownership in the farm operations, enable greater financial security for each family member who is dependent on the operation, and can assist with decision-making. In short, a planning process promotes your family farm’s lasting legacy.


Consumer’s Guide to Organic Food – New Publication Available

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trace and Consumer Protection (DATCP), in cooperation with their WI Organic Advisory Council, have developed marketing materials for organic farmers to help consumers understand what organic certification involves and what the organic label does, and does not, mean.