October: “Credibility is the Foundation of Leadership” & “Values Drive Commitment”

October 19, 2016

Today we met at Fusion in downtown Kenosha.  It was a beautiful, non-profit venue where local artists come to perform. Kenosha’s Creative Space, Francisco Loyola, and 2014 Leadership Kenosha graduate, Amy Greil, shared their vision for a creative space in downtown Kenosha.  This space will allow members to use things such as computers, printers, 3-D printers, office space, etc. They were also one of our Project Sponsors, along with 9 others, Hope Council, Kenosha Community Sailing, Kenosha County Substance Abuse Coalition, Kenosha Public Library, Velodrome Racine, Kenosha Creative Space, St. Matthew’s Lakefront ElderGarten, LK Steering Committee, Kenosha Literacy Council and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. During these presentations, each team had the opportunity to listen to each organization’s overall project goal, proposal and what we would learn by working with the sponsor.

After our minds were all over the place thinking of our first, second and third choice because “what if another team picks our project first?” we had a little break to watch Brian, Crag and Anne’s book presentation on Chapters 1 and 2, “Credibility is the foundation of leadership” and Values drive commitment”.   Each had their turn giving a portion of the presentation.  Anne had us moving by giving us a post-it note and writing down one word or phrase that described our #1 choice and putting it under the word that best describes that person; honest, forward-looking, inspiring or competent.

We then moved on to our personal mission and timeline. This was a great way to get to know ourselves and our teammates.  We were given a list of values and it was actually really hard to narrow it down to only three.  As discussed with a teammate, I think our values may change each day, too.  Our timelines gave us perspective and more respect for each other.  It showed us where each of us came from or how far one has come with just a pictures and brief description of our lives.

During lunch, Julani Bayan shared his Leadership Kenosha experience with us.  He explained that it’s important to reach outside of the normal routine. He gave a great and funny example as well.  Normally, the class given in October is at Carthage, so his mind told him to go to Carthage.  He arrived early as he explained he is usually late and sat down but didn’t see Tedi.  He stayed anyways for about 10 minutes until someone asked him if they could help him.  He said he was there for Leadership Kenosha.  They told him he was in the wrong place.  He called Tedi to get the correct location being that this was Leadership Kenosha’s first time at Fusion. It was really great to hear from another LK graduate and how it has influenced him.

After lunch we headed out on our City Scoping Adventure.  We went to our sites as we agreed on them and answered our questions along with discussing what we wanted to do for our group project.  This gave us time to reflect on what was important to each one of us and what we wanted to see come out of Leadership Kenosha by the end of our project no matter which sponsor we chose. It was fun and educational. After our City Scoping Adventure, we returned to Fusion to discuss our questions and pictures.  Some had the same ideas, such as the Kenosha Pier and Lake Michigan, others were very creative by using props for every picture.  All in all, I think each team enjoyed themselves!  During this time, we also chose team shirts (majority ruled J).

At the end of the day, our teams got to choose their team project.  I don’t think anyone was disappointed in their choice and are excited to get started!

Angela Vaughn

Child Care Coordinator

Goodwill Industries