UW-Extension Farm Transition and Succession Planning Survey

Farm sceneWhat is the future of your farm?  Can you be sure it will remain in the family or is it better to leave this to chance?

Plan for the future of your farm or put it off and hope for the best—which will you choose? A comprehensive planning effort can lead to a greater sense of ownership in the farm operations, enable greater financial security for each family member who is dependent on the operation, and can assist with decision-making. In short, a planning process promotes your family farm’s lasting legacy.

This UW-Extension Farm Transition and Succession Planning Survey was created to support Kenosha, Racine and Walworth Counties farmers and farmland owners while assisting in future educational program development. This survey is intended to present many facets of farm transfer, therefore not all questions may apply to your situation. Please feel free to skip any questions that do not apply to your situation. 15 minutes is sufficient to complete the following survey. Throughout the survey, you may see terms highlighted in blue. By hovering your cursor over those terms, a pop-up box will appear with definitions and additional information.

Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary; you can end the survey at any time. Confidentiality of survey results will be ensured unless survey participants wish to identify themselves for individual follow-up from UW-Extension educators.

On-Line Farm Transition Survey

Questions regarding the program:  

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