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Annie’s Project Financial Management Workshop Series

Annie’s Project is an opportunity for farm women to learn about farm management skills and strategies in comfortable settings. This three-day workshop series is for farm women who are interested in learning or improving their farm financial management, a part of the fabric of farm life and the farm business.

Sugar maple tree

Planting bare root trees and shrubs

Question: I ordered some trees and shrubs through the tree program run by the Planning & Development division of the county, and I believe they will be bare root stock. Can you offer any tips on how to plant bare root trees and shrubs? N. W.

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Adding Wood Ash to Gardens

Question: Hello, I have a question for you. I have a good amount of ash from a wood burner fireplace; would wood ash be good for my garden? I have a small section that is to be tilled up this spring and was thinking of putting some on top before I do so. Thanks. J.T.

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April Home Lite

Here is the 2016 April Home Lite. Some things of interest are: Calendars for April and May; Club minutes; Pinewood Derby winners; and more.

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Question: At a recent program on emerald ash borer, the speaker made the claim that adult emerald ash borers emerge when the black locust trees bloom. I found this quite interesting and was wondering if there are other unique occurrences similar to this. K.K.

Monarch butterfly on milkweed

Milkweed seed stratification and vernalization

Question: I ordered milkweed seeds to plant in my yard from a monarch protection group. The directions say the seeds need cold stratification. I looked online and a couple of monarch websites mentioned stratification/vernalization for milkweed seed. Would you explain what these words mean and what I should do to get my seeds to grow? N.M.

Man pruning apple tree

Pruning fruit trees

Question: Last year I bought a home with several apple and pear trees which have been neglected for years. I have no experience with pruning fruit trees but I know these badly need renovation. I would like to learn how to take care of them. Any suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated. S.R.

Potting soil and trowel

Pasteurizing potting soil

Question: I attended your recent class at the Southwest Library. You mentioned pasteurizing homemade potting soil. I’ve decided to make plan my own potting soil mix for seed starting this spring. Please give me directions on how to pasteurize my soil mix. Also, would you share your recipe again for sustainable potting soil mix that doesn’t use peat moss? M.M.