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July / August Home Lite

Here is the July/August Home Lite Some things of interest are: Calendars for July and August; Club Minutes; Paul Muhlenbeck Scholarship; Building Hosts for the Kenosha County Fair Pop and Pizza Stand Schedule YAR – Youth As Resources Friend of 4-H Alumni Award Kenosha County 4-H Hall of Fame

Bee and flowers

Managing pests

Question: How can I manage unwanted bugs in my garden without harming beneficial pollinators? – M. K.


Keeping weeds under control

Question: I’m a relatively new vegetable gardener. Last summer the weeds were so bad I thought about giving up. Do you have any suggestions on how to keep down the weeds in my garden? B.F.


Planting Daffodils

Question: I planted daffodils at least twelve years ago. They bloomed beautifully for two years. Since then, nothing but greens. To my amazement, they have bloomed this spring! Why is that? L.P.

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May/June Home Lite

Here is the May/June 2016 Home Lite, including: calendars for May and June; club minutes; information about the Paul Muhlenbeck Scholarship and Kenosha County Dairy Promotion Scholarship Application; 4-H Day Camp Registration; Youth Tractor & Machinery Safety Certification Registration; Babysitter Training Registration; and more!


Lawn Dethatching & Fertilization

Question: Do you believe spring power raking/thatching is good for the lawn. I had it done last year in the spring and had problems with weeds afterwards. What about fertilizers? Are some brands better than others? C.M.

Sugar maple tree

Planting bare root trees and shrubs

Question: I ordered some trees and shrubs through the tree program run by the Planning & Development division of the county, and I believe they will be bare root stock. Can you offer any tips on how to plant bare root trees and shrubs? N. W.

soil test bag

Adding Wood Ash to Gardens

Question: Hello, I have a question for you. I have a good amount of ash from a wood burner fireplace; would wood ash be good for my garden? I have a small section that is to be tilled up this spring and was thinking of putting some on top before I do so. Thanks. J.T.