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Three ways to overwinter geraniums

Question: Are there instructions for overwintering large geraniums plants. A friend told me to put the plant in a paper bag and hang them in the utility room.  Anything more scientific than that? M.K.

Poinsettia blossom

Getting poinsettias, cactuses to bloom

Question: I saved my poinsettia from last Christmas by moving it outdoors for the summer. This fall I brought it inside before the weather got cold. What should I do to get the poinsettia to bloom again? What about Christmas cactus? E.R.

Bee balm

Growing bee balm from seed

Question: While attending a backyard event at a friends this summer, I admired a beautiful patch of red blooms. I was not familiar with these flowers and commented on their beauty to my friend. She told me they were bee balm and hers had self-seeded. Several weeks later she dropped off a container of the spent blooms. If you could advise when and how I should plant I would be grateful. I have no idea what to do with these shriveled red flower heads. Thanks for any help you might be able to send my way.

Black walnuts

Harvesting black walnuts

Question: I have several large trees in my yard that are dropping green balls. The balls are 2 to 3 inch across and leave dark stains on the driveway. Are these walnuts and can we eat them? S.B.

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October Home Lite

Here is the October Home Lite. Some things of interest are: Calendars for October and November, club minutes, National 4-H Week, information on Officer Training and Volunteer Orientation.


Seeding, fertilizing lawns

Question: I just moved to Pleasant Prairie and was going to over seed my lawn.  I wasn’t sure what type of grass I have, and my brother-in-law suggested that I reach out to the UW-Extension for assistance. I have attached a few pictures.  I was leaning toward thinking it is mostly Kentucky bluegrass, although I have read that it is getting late in the season for that type of seed if I wanted to over seed.  Is someone at Extension able to identify my primary type of grass from the pictures attached? A.L.


Method for pruning raspberries depends on the variety

Question: We have many kinds of raspberries. Last fall we cut all the plants down to the ground. The plants grew back and a few produced fruit in late summer but some plants didn’t have any berries. I think we pruned them wrong. What is the right way to prune raspberries? S.C.